Hi Backpack, this time we will provide knowledge or tips for those of you who want to visit Mount Bromo by way of backpackers, the first is for those of you from outside Indonesia and want to visit Mount Bromo. You can order airplane tickets to Surabaya international airport, after you set the date if you have a minimal budget you can use public transportation from Surabaya airport to the train station or bus terminal, if you use train services you have to book tickets in advance and can also buy tickets directly at the train station with the aim of probolinggo station, after you arrive at probolinggo station you can order bromo transport services, we provide that of course at low prices. And if you use the bus to go to Probolinggo from the airport, you have to go to the Surabaya bus terminal and look for a bus that goes to Probolinggo. If you have arrived at Probolinggo, you can use our service to go to the Cemorolawang or Bromo area.

The next tips for eating and other needs. If you are thrifty, bring food such as bread, mineral water, buy it at Sukapura because the price is quite cheap compared to you being in the Mount Bromo area, for breakfast you can buy it in the last village in the Mount Bromo area, namely Cemoro Lawang, lots of breakfast options there and the price is relatively cheap.

The last tip is if you want to continue your trip to Ijen, order a train ticket from Probolinggo station to Banyuwangi station, the price of the train ticket is very cheap, when you arrive in Banyuwangi you can use a transportation service such as Grab to find a hotel in Banyuwangi. When you arrive at the hotel you can rest and during your break you can look for transport services from Banyuwangi city to Paltuding / the initial start of the Ijen Crater climb, the price is relatively cheap to go and return to the hotel. And after that if you want to end your trip to Bali, you can order the Grab service again to the port of Ketapang, and you can take a very boat to cross to the island of Bali, if you have arrived on the island of Bali you can use public transportation at the port Gilimanuk Bali to go to Denpasar.


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