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The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Center (BB TNBTS) stated that the Bromo area is free from motorized vehicle activity to commemorate the customs and culture of the Tengger people on Wulan Kapitu. Head of the TNBTS Central Office Hendro Widjanarko said the closure of the Tengger caldera from motorized vehicles was carried out on December 23 from 18.00 to December 24 at 18.00 WIB. The Tengger TNBTS Caldera was closed from motorized vehicles, except for emergencies,” said Hendro.

Hendro explained that the Bromo caldera will also be free of motorized vehicles at the end of Wulan Kapitu which falls on January 21-22 2023 at the same time. The announcement was contained in Letter Number PG.10/T.8/BIDTEK/BIDTEK.1/KSA/2022. According to him, even though there are restrictions on motorized vehicles in the area, tourism activities in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area are still allowed. However, tourists are not allowed to use motorized vehicles. Tourist visits are still allowed, it’s just that for the Bromo or Tengger caldera, motorized vehicles are not permitted,” said Hendro.

He added, motorized vehicles from the direction of Pasuruan Regency are only allowed to Pakis Bincil, from Malang Regency and Lumajang Regency to Jemplang and from Probolinggo Regency only to Cemorolawang. “This was done to respect the customs and culture of the Tengger people at Wulan Kapitu,” said Hendro. The restriction on motorized vehicles, he continued, also took into account the letter issued by the Chairperson of the Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia Probolinggo Regency on December 5, 2022 regarding Notification of Wulan Kapitu Number 219/PHDI-KAB/XII/2022.

For information, during the year-end holidays, the TNBTS Headquarters stated that they were still implementing restrictions on the number of tourists visiting Mount Bromo. The quota for tourists on Mount Bromo is still set at 75 percent of the area’s total capacity. The limitation on the number of tourist visits is because until now the provisions for imposing level 1 community activity restrictions (PPKM) are still in force, which is one of the efforts to control the spread of the corona virus. Until now, the government has not revoked the provisions related to PPKM. With these restrictions, the number of tourist visits to Mount Bromo per day is set at 2,202 people. Determination of tourist visit quotas, divided into the Bukit Cinta area for 93 people per day, Bukit Keduh 321 people per day, Penanjakan 666 people per day, Mentigen 165 people per day, and Savana Teletubbies as many as 957 people per day. It was recorded, in the November 2022 period, there were 17,433 tourists visiting Mount Bromo.

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