• Our official website is and we dont operate with different domain like dot net or dot co dot id or others
  • Travel insurance is also not included and you must maintain the travel insurance by yourself
  • We are opened for the price negotiation, so the price in our tour package is not fixed, we are still possible to discuss it
  • Peak season is the period for the greatest for everyone to celebrate like Eid Mubarrak, long weekend (holiday in 4 days or more in the same time), Christmas and New Year
  • Price for high season is up around 20% due to increasing of hotel room rate on that period
  • Price for peak season, this is very complicated and unnormally in price policy, please contact me
  • We will provide you a jeep Mount Bromo Tour Package as private if your group is 3 person or more and tour guide included
  • Peak season is valid 4 days before the celebrate day and 4 days after
  • If your group is only 2 person, jeep bromo is shared with other group and no local guide. For your info, 1 jeep is 4 tourists plus 1 jeep driver
  • W
  • When you choose Pekalen Rafting tour, the minimum participants should be 4 person because 1 rafting canoe is content by 4 person minimum plus 1 vendor operator staff
  • Or, you are still possible to go Rafting if youe are 2 or 3 person, but the cost is counted as 4 person
  • Lunch and dinner are also not included, except we release free 1xlunch in Bromo. Please our homepage periodically
  • For Jeep Bromo, we can adjust when negotiating the price, it can be private or combined
  • Please bring equipments as in our tour contract, which we are care with your enjoyment and safety
  • In regards to the vehicle, we adjust your group member with the vehicle type. Small car or MPV or Minibus, we will discuss and considering about your luggages space
  • We will choose your hotel based on your request with the several option mentioned in our tour program,
  • If the hotel is fully booked or the bedroom type is different with your request, we will inform you as soon as possible and replaced ti the similar hotel class
  • Please throw your rubbish to the rubbish place in the car, in your room, and also tourism objects
  • Please do not bring gun, knife, alcohol, drugs, radioactive material and prohibited material along the tour with our travel company
  • The company is obliged to fulfill the visitor rights as agreed in the contract signed by the company management without compromising the obligation to maintain a clean environment
  • Special request like upgrading the hotel class or room, upgrading vehicle,extra program and something elses, we should discuss furthermore
  • All of the negotiation results between your side and our company will be stated in the tour contract signed by the company manager
  • After negotiating and everyone agrees, you will be given an invoice to sign the agreement

Deposit, Payment And Cancellation

  • Maximal cancellation is 1 week before your arrival
  • It’s no refund if your cancellation is more than last 1 week
  • If your group is 4 person or more, we need your deposit. We need 30% of total transaction
  • We will refund your deposit transfer until 90% if it’s caused by The Force Majeure with bank charge is paid by your side
  • Please pay your invoice on the 1st day tour at your hotel or homestay
  • The tourist can pay the invoice (pay off) in the first day after arriving hotel
  • Deposit payment is via bank transfer or western union with the secret company data sent to your email after you get the tour contract signed by our company manager
  • Please you sent the transfer slip to; the com;pany email as your deposit evidance
  • We receive your payment in all currency with exchange rate counted by our travel company
  • In regards to the cancellation, we will return your deposit 50% from the totally deposit transfer
  • Bank charge due to the cancellation is paid by your side
  • You don’t need to transfer deposit if your group is only 2 or 3 person
  • Force Majeure cancellation can be received after you complete the valid data requirement by our travel company

Force Majeure

  • Force Majeure Majeure is an event occured beyond human capability and can not be avoided so that an activity can not be carried out according to the plan
  • Force majuere condition is like illness, death, natural disaster (floods, earthquakes, fires, riots)
  • Flight Cancellation or Delayment Pembatalan due to the weather endanger passangers are included to the force majeure and beyond our responsibility
  • The events cause force majeure, we urge visitors to immediately notify us accompanied by supporting data
  • The maximum time to notify the force majeure occured is 1 hour from the last information that has been determined by the relevant partyForce majeure events are beyond the human control, may we always be given fluency

Privacy Policy

  • Your personal data is secure
  • BROMO JAVA ADVENTURE only use your personal data for the reservation processual, couple, by family group, sharing group, and private group