First day. On March 10, the trip started from picking up at Surabaya international airport, at 16.00 the plane arrived at the airport, after that we immediately continued our journey to the first tourist destination, namely Mount Bromo, we needed 3 hours of travel time to arrive at the hotel located in the Mount Bromo area. After traveling for 1 hour and 30 minutes, the driver took us to a restaurant in Probolinggo. We were very happy with the food menu. There are many choices of food menus for us to consume, especially local food which is very distinctive and synonymous with the taste of spices that Indonesia has. After we finished eating we continued our journey to the hotel which is in Cemorolawang, along the way we felt a peaceful, cool air and not like in urban areas because here the air is still very awake, at 8 pm we arrived at the hotel, we immediately rested and before we entered Our respective rooms were first briefed by the driver who took us. The driver gave a briefing to his subordinates that we had to rest immediately because at 3 am the jeep would pick us up to take us to Kingkong Hill/sunrise view… after the briefing was over we immediately went to rest.

The second day. At 3 am the jeep driver was ready to take us to the sunrise view to be precise on Kingkong Hill, the journey time was around 1 hour more. At 04.30 we arrived at Kingkong Hill, the sky was still dark and not long after, the sky began to turn red and emit such a beautiful light. The view on Mount Bromo, we were amazed at the beauty of the sunrise shining on the Tengger mountains and seeing how beautiful Mount Bromo is at this time. in the morning we saw the mountains and on the sea of ​​clouds. After we took pictures and enjoyed the beauty of that morning at 06.30 in the morning we relaxed to go down to the sea of ​​sand and eat meatballs. After arriving at the jeep rest area, or the jeep parking lot, we started walking to see the crater of Mount Bromo. We walked from the jeep parking lot to the crater of Mount Bromo, it took 30 minutes. After we reached the top, we always captured these exciting photos and moments. After 20 minutes at the top, we returned to the jeep parking lot. After arriving, we were taken back to the hotel by the driver. jeep. At 9 o’clock we arrived at the hotel, we immediately showered and cleaned up because at 10 o’clock we had to continue our trip to Banyuwangi. After we finished the driver who picked us up at the airport was ready to take us to Banyuwangi, we left at 10.00 am. This trip was quite long because it took 5 to 6 hours from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi. Along the way we rested because we spent a lot of time on Mount Bromo. At 05.00 we arrived in the city of Banyuwangi we stayed there and before we took a break the driver returned to have a briefing with us.

The third day. At 02.30am we got ready to travel to Paltuding/start the education of Ijen Crater, the estimate from the hotel to get to Paltuding takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. At 04.00 we started climbing. Climbing the Ijen crater takes 2 hours to 3 hours. We were very happy throughout our climbing trip, we were very amazed to see a very natural forest and lots of flying birds. After we reached the top of the Ijen crater, we were very amazed to see the beauty of the Ijen crater with a very pungent smell of blerang because according to the information we got, the Ijen crater is an active volcano and has an abundance of sulfur, after 2 hours we captured the moment we sank to return to the basecamp in paltuding, at 09.00 we arrived at the bascamp and at 10 o’clock we continued our journey to Surabaya to return to our country. We are very happy to have a vacation in Indonesia, this is the best experience for me on vacation to Indonesia. And thanks to BROMO JAVA ADVENTURE for accompanying the trip and making it easy for us to explore Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater, you are a company that highly values ​​comfort, safety and satisfaction, we are very satisfied with your service!


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